Showboy Opera

by Marlon Alarm

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released 29 April 2014

Marlon Alarm - recording, engineering, producing, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano
Jonathan Sebastian - recording, engineering
Mark Collins - drums



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Track Name: Prologue
Some people got it, other people don't
It's nothing you can buy, or even really own
And we go out every weekend, then say we should've stayed at home
'Cause it's hard to be productive, uninspired, and alone

So I get my warpaint, but it never really helps
It's like stepping into battle for a truth I'd never sell
So b-b-buy me baby, la la la la la la
I'ma tell you all the story about the rise and fall

Of a pharaoh in the dirt, of a king without a throne
Of a hear that's full of hurt, and a boy that's skin and bones

A boy that's skin and bones
Track Name: Broke 'n Fabulous
I'm broke and fabulous!

Hello, welcome to my life
Making fabulous happen on a dime
Throwin' on some plastic pearls
Delivering the look is do or die
You only do what you are told
You only buy what you are sold
So bury me in '93
Fashion tried to eat the style in my soul

I'm way ahead of the curve type, baby
Always ahead of the curve

I'm broke and fabulous!
Getting money off my mind one OE at a time
I've got to be broke and fabulous!

Spending our dollars on some booze
'Cause it's worth it if it's something you can use
To take away the feeling of searching for our senses in the blues
An overdose of looking fine
I accept no less than divine
So help me God, I'll look the way that I do in dark corners of my mind

Always ahead of the curve type, baby
Always ahead of the curve
I'm way ahead of the curve type, baby
Always ahead of the curve

I would rather be flawless all of the time than have a perfect credit line
And then I start to cry in the middle of the night
'Cause what kind of pop star drinks three dollar wine?!
Track Name: Devil
I know that I don't belong here
But I've got nowhere else to be and that's okay
If all my life I'll sing the blues, I'd rather sing them to you
And I know you won't believe me
When I say I've gotten over all of that
It's the truth I'd rather lose if it meant lying next to you

To the Devil in my heart that tells me
"Love means nothing 'til you watch it fall apart"
And the voice inside my head that wears me down to my very last defense

And I, I apologize in advance
I've risked it all without ever taking a chance
And I end up on the floor, beating songs out of my chest
I'm still sixteen, fucked up, hoping for the best

I've got nothing left to prove now
I can't be bothered with the world
It doesn't know how I feel when I'm alone
Rejection's made a mighty home
I don't know why I go to parties
Stand around and look so beautiful it hurts
Truth is, beauty is a lie
I feel ugly on the inside

To the Devil in my heart that tells me
"Love means nothing 'til you watch it fall apart"
And the storm inside my head that wears me down to my very last defense

Congratulations, you have made it
Feeling the same, but you've got scars to mark the time you spent recovering your pride
I've got a fire on the inside
Track Name: Your Average Zombie
You've got all your best things on
You're lookin' like young Elvis
And you know you've got it down like the system
Turn the volume up
Baby, pack a little whiskey in the back of your Chevy
I've got things to forget and lives left to live in towns I haven't been to yet

Always made me feel like I would break with words like "never"
But I ain't your average zombie
I've got moves
Say you're gonna leave me, but I'll beat you to the punchline every time
You know I owe nothing to you

Pull up, lookin' like a million
Pay me in attention
I feel damn rich
But I sink into myself when the radio's on
Living in suburban dreamlands
Drinkin' just to tune into the times
And our friends make me think of home, if that makes any sense

If I don't get out now, I'll never be fine
You are my prison, and I have done my time
Track Name: Male Barbie
My heart is made of plastic and stuck on display
It melts to mold to your love as long as you stay
I don't need money, give me a crowd, I just wanna sing
Be the soundtrack to the life you've been channeling

Do you like me now?
I think I look fantastic
I can show you how I've achieved a change this drastic

Don't let your heartache reach your face
Fab is your one emotion
So have a drink and bleach my brain
And if it ever gets too hard
Just think of Marilyn Brando
The world loves a star that comes apart

Male Barbie!
I'll be your Male Barbie!

The art of being is not unlike Medusa's fate
I've been a statue far too long and I can't live this way
I'm just a dead blonde, open casket, welcome to my wake
Stop the cycle, start it all over for Heaven's sake

And I tried to be so perfect that I'm bleeding
'Cause underneath it all, a human heart is beating

Platinum pretended perfection
Pills, pains, and no sense of protection
I just wanna have music to play
I wanna make your heart skip, body sway
I believe in the divinity of the age
Everything is over, and that's okay

That's okay!
Track Name: Technicolor Dreams
I don't know who I am
Where do these mirrors get their right to be believed?
When I look into your eyes, much to my surprise, I see me

I don't know what's worse
Letting go or holding on until it hurts

I'm begging you to stay, for you to stay so far away
'Cause I need Technicolor Dreams to be real
The silver screen ignores how much I need to be adored
But it's the only way that I know how to feel

Don't leave me
Just leave me alone

I'm not used to being loved, always alone,
Never enough to be relieved of the pressures of our youth
What makes me so much more like you than I'd rather be

I know you want something I can't give or take
It's not easy knowing I am able to break
And I don't know what you mean
And I don't know who to be to satisfy your needs
Put me in a movie, let you play the lead?!
Track Name: Stasimon
I was fighting to keep it up
You said I had it all and I knew it
Since I was born, I knew I could manage for a while

But the machines spit me out
My parts weren't whole, the lines weren't what you needed
The machines spit me out, then swallowed me whole with fear

I'll give you what you need
Assume the promising role of the one that you'd kill for
Love can never leave
I'll show you what I mean
After I am gone, you'll see
Maybe you will like me

I sense that maybe I might be able to showcase for you to see
I could be the brilliant child you always made me out to be

But the machines spit me out
My parts weren't whole, the lines weren't what you needed
You left me to sing to a sea of technicolor tears
Track Name: Beauty Burns!
Beauty burns a hole in everything
In broken hearts and wedding rings
So place your hand over your heart
And pledge allegiance to the dark

I'm not in love with you!
I'm not in love with you, oh!
What am I supposed to do after what vanity has put me through?

I know what you want
You want a pyramid without a base
But through the cracks in the walls, you see the contents of my brain
And when it starts to fall apart, don't ever say I didn't articulate
You should have listened to my words when you were admiring my face

Don't you know all you see are gold wicked holograms?
It's a sea of perfection you'll never understand
So take a swim inside the lake, but be careful 'cause you just might drown
Inside the mind you do decline, behind the over-painted clown

Raise a kingdom, make a throne
Who rents in Heaven with all of the Hells you own?
Track Name: Exodos
I've been told it's right around the corner
I've been sold to and from and for her
I've been lied to, I think I have the right to doubt you when you say
"It's right around the corner"

You've got the rest of your life to miss your youth
So just love me tonight 'cause I need you to
Wasting time, pretending I'm fine
You've got the rest of your life to spend regretting tonight

I've been told it's right around the corner
If you only knew all the things that I've done for her
I've been stepped on more than I would let on
So listen when I say: It's right around the corner

Someone make this quick and painless
Track Name: Aliens of Suburbia
I'm made of wine and silver screens
Don't wanna be casual
My life's a third act's second scene about being unusual

Baby, you think that I'm a freak for all the faith I've placed in me
Pop is dead and art is free
Hello, 21st century

All hail the Aliens of Suburbia
I just want to be flawless
Can't you see that I was built this way?
All hail the Aliens of Suburbia!

I am an urban statue
You stay sittin' in your cubicle
Stay makin' money, paper slave
While I'm here lookin' beautiful

Baby, you think that I'm a freak
That I've got some sort of disease
But I just live life in a dream
What you think means shit to me

I don't even wanna live like this
Just give me back all of the things I've missed
I tell myself I'm doing all this right
But roads like this are never safe at night

I don't even wanna live like this
Just give me back all of the things I've missed
I tell myself that the future's bright
But I've killed myself, trying to make things right